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After the earthquake in China, now a major accident occurred in a coal mine, 12 people were crushed to death.

Image Source: AP
12 workers killed in China coal mine collapse.

The havoc of the earthquake in China had not yet stopped when another accident took away the lives of many people. 12 people have died in a major accident in a coal mine in China. While many people are said to be injured. This incident took place in a coal mine in Heilongjiang province of China. According to official sources, at least 12 people died and 13 were injured in this accident. This information was given in media reports.

State-run China Central Television said in a report that the accident occurred on Wednesday afternoon at the Kunyuan Coal Mine in Hengshan District. 13 people injured in the accident have been admitted to various hospitals. An investigation team has been formed to investigate the causes of the accident. Mine accidents are common in China, but the number of deaths has declined in recent years. China is the largest producer and user of coal. (Language)

Thunderstorms continue to hit China

At present, China is continuously surrounded by difficulties and natural disasters. First the epidemic, then drought and flood and then earthquake took the lives of thousands of people and now such accidents are also becoming the cause of death. Due to this the condition of China has worsened. This year, thousands of people have died due to severe floods and drought in China. At least 134 people died in the earthquake that occurred just two days ago.

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