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American Chandrayaan’s lander stopped working, its foot had sunk into the lunar soil – India TV Hindi

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American Chandrayaan’s lander stopped working

America News: American Chandrayaan recently went on a mission to the moon. After about 50 years, an American spacecraft had landed on the Moon. That too Chandrayaan of a private company, whose name is Odysseus Lander. When it landed on the surface of the Moon, due to some fault the team lost contact with the spacecraft. NASA had told that while landing, one leg of Moon Lander Odysseus got stuck on the Moon. Due to this it has tilted to one side.

However, it is being told that after a week on Thursday, Odysseus, which reached the south pole of the moon, stopped working. Let us tell you, this was revealed when scientists received one last picture from Odysseus before instructing its computers and power systems to enter standby mode. The purpose of standby mode was to extend the capacity of the lander to work for two to three more weeks. Let us tell you that an American private company had landed a spacecraft on the Moon. This is the first time that a private company’s spacecraft has landed on the Moon. However, this spacecraft overturned after landing on the lunar surface. This had caused concern.

When did the plane land on the moon?

It is noteworthy that the Odysseus spacecraft landed near the south pole of the Moon at 6:23 pm Eastern Time (2323 GMT) on Thursday. During this time, teams of scientists had to work on a backup and it took several minutes to establish radio contact.

There were some technical problems: Altemus

Intuitive Machines, the private company behind the first moon landing, initially posted on social media that its hexagonal spacecraft was upright, but CEO Steve Altemus told reporters Friday that the statement was based on misinterpreted data .

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