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Canada took this cosmetic decision after the interest of Indian students decreased – India TV Hindi

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Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

Amidst the ongoing diplomatic tension with India, the interest of Indian students in Canada has reduced. Therefore, students are now choosing America and UK as options to do post graduation. Due to this, the condition of Canada has worsened. According to a report, the number of Indian students has declined by 86 percent this year. After this report came out, Canada has now taken a cosmetic decision to save its honour. Under this, Canada has limited the number of student visas for the next 2 years. So that he can show that the number of students in Canada is decreasing because of his decision.

In its decision, the Government of Canada has limited the number of student visas for the next two years. The Canadian government has announced that it will place a cap on international student permit applications for the next two years. The cap would mean that about 360,000 study permits would be approved in 2024, 35 percent less than the number approved in 2023. The cap for each province is calculated according to population size, meaning provinces that have experienced the smallest growth in international students will see the largest reduction in study permits approved in 2024.

Which students will be affected?

Canada’s decision will not affect renewals of existing study permits and those pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees and elementary and secondary education are not included in this limit. Current study permit holders will not be affected. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will allocate a portion of the limit to each province and territory, which will distribute it among its universities and designated educational institutions. The limit will be in place for two years and the number of study permit approvals for 2025 will be determined later this year. The Government of Canada will work with provinces and territories, universities and designated educational institutions to create a sustainable plan for international students in the future.

Why did Canada take such a decision?

According to the government, one of the main reasons for imposing the cap is to deal with the housing shortage faced by international students in Canada. The government is also making changes to the eligibility criteria for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program. From 1 September 2024, international students with permits to study at privately owned institutions will no longer be eligible for postgraduate work permits. Another change is that open work permits will only be available to spouses of international students in master’s and doctoral programs. Spouses of international students in other levels of study, including graduate and college programs, will no longer be eligible. Mark Miller, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, said: “International students are vital to Canada and enrich our communities. As such, it is our responsibility to ensure that they have access to the resources needed for a rich educational experience.

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