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Ceasefire in Gaza may extend further! Hamas releases 16 more hostages

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Hamas releases 16 more hostages

Israel Hamas War: Amidst the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Hamas handed over 16 hostages from Gaza Strip to Israel. According to Reuters report, this group of citizens included Israeli and Thai citizens. In exchange for the release of these hostages, Israel will release 30 Palestinian women and children from prisons. According to media reports, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has confirmed the release of 16 hostages from Hamas captivity. The IDF said the families of the hostages were being updated with the latest information.

Under the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas, Hamas handed over these hostages to the Red Cross in Gaza. After this they were brought to Egypt through Rafah crossing. According to Israeli media, the 10 Israeli hostages released on the sixth day of the ceasefire were identified as Raz Ben Ami, Yarden Roman, Liat Atzili, Moran Stella Yanai, Liam Orr, Itay Regev, Ofir Angel, Amit Shani, Gali Tarshansky and Raya Rotem. Has been done in. The hostages will now be brought to a location where Israeli forces will check their identities before taking them to Israel through a side gate at the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Release of two hostages because of Putin

Earlier, Hamas had released two hostages, Yelena Trupanov and her mother Irena Tati, who have dual citizenship of Russia and Israel. Media reports said that Hamas had released them pointing towards Russian President Vladimir Putin. The release of the two hostages was not related to the ceasefire agreement with Israel.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has reached Israel. After the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, he reached Israel’s capital Tel Aviv for the third time. Blinken will meet with Israeli leaders here to discuss further agreements between Hamas and Israel, as well as how to increase humanitarian assistance to Gaza. The US State Department said that Blinken will also visit the Israeli-occupied West Bank and the UAE during this visit.

The ceasefire may extend further

A four-day ceasefire was declared between Israel and Hamas, brokered by Qatar and the US, so that Palestine and Israel could exchange prisoners and hostages. After this the ceasefire was extended for two more days. Now after Blinken’s visit to Israel, this ceasefire can move further through talks. For this, talks have intensified between Qatar, Egypt and American representatives. The total number of hostages released on Tuesday reached 95, while more than 150 Palestinian prisoners were also released. About 150 hostages still remain in Gaza, including 8-9 Americans.

Israeli Defense Minister gave this statement

Amid the Israel-Hamas ceasefire, Israel’s Defense Minister has said that the army is ready to resume fighting ‘in the air, land and sea’. Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had also talked about fighting the war till the end of Hamas after the ceasefire.

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