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China’s maglev train sets a new speed record, know how much speed it achieved? – India TV Hindi

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China’s maglev train

China Maglev train: Many countries of the world are working on increasing the speed of trains. Many bullet trains are running at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. These include bullet trains of Japan and China. However, now even this speed seems insufficient, hence work is being done to further increase the speed of trains. Meanwhile, a Chinese train has set a new speed record. This train of China is ‘Maglev Train’. It has set a new record for the speed of the fastest train ever. This train has now made a record of running at a speed not only of 400 or 500 kilometers per hour, but even faster. Know how much speed you have achieved,

The aim is to exceed the speed of an airplane

China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) has said about China’s new maglev train that its maglev train achieved a record speed of more than 387 mph i.e. 623 kilometers per hour during testing in October 2023. This speed sets a new milestone for superconducting maglev vehicles. CASIC has expressed its desire to build a train that is more than three times faster, with the goal of surpassing the speed of an airplane.

Target to maintain speed of 1 thousand km

CASIC’s third academy described the test as a significant success. Earlier, a similar test of high temperature superconducting maglev technology had reached a speed of 145 miles per hour i.e. 234 kilometers per hour on a 380 meter track. According to the report of South China Morning Post, in the next phase of testing, CASIC plans to extend the track by 37 miles 60 kilometers and increase the train to a speed of 621 miles per hour i.e. 1000 kilometers per hour. This will make the maglev train faster than most passenger jets, which typically fly at speeds of up to 925 kilometers per hour.

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