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Dangerous storm hits Argentina, plane turns completely on runway, shocking video

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Argentina: Plane turned completely on runway

Argentina News: A dangerous storm has hit the South American country Argentina. Due to this storm, normal life has been badly affected. At the end of last week, 16 people died due to this storm. Not only this, trees and lamp posts also fell due to strong winds in the capital Buenos Aires. Amidst all this, on December 17, a video of a parked airplane at Buenos Aires George Newberry International Airport is going viral. People are expressing surprise after seeing the video. In this video, it can be clearly seen how the airplane has turned 90 degrees from its position on the runway due to dangerous storm winds. During this time, the stairs to climb the plane also got shattered due to being pressed into the plane.

Hurricane wreaks havoc in Uruguay and Argentina

The massive storm that hit Argentina and its neighboring country Uruguay has damaged buildings and caused power outages in the Argentine capital. During the storm, a woman died after a tree branch fell on her in Moreno city, 40 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. At least two people died in Uruguay due to a storm early Sunday morning when trees fell and roofs were uprooted. Argentine President Javier Milla also visited Bahía Blanca on Sunday (December 17) along with several ministers.

noise of strong winds

Clorie Yeomans, 25, who was visiting Argentina from Britain, told media that she discovered the storm in her apartment in central Buenos Aires at around 3 a.m. local time. She says, ‘I have never heard and felt such strong winds in my life. Then I heard a car alarm and a crash outside. It looked like a storm. I felt the building shaking. I went and sat in the bathroom on the other side of the apartment because I was afraid that a tree was going to fall on my balcony.

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