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Difficulties increase for Indian nurse imprisoned in Yemen, petition against death sentence rejected

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Indian nurse Nimisha Priya has been in jail in Yemen since 2017.

Sanaa: The troubles of Indian nurse Nimisha Priya, who is in jail in Yemen since 2017, are increasing. The appeal filed against his death sentence has been rejected by the Supreme Court of Yemen. Nimisha is originally from Kerala.

what is the whole matter

Nimisha came to Yemen about 12 years ago. Due to her job, Nimisha remained in Yemen but her husband and daughter returned to India in 2014. Nimisha, along with Talal Abdo Mehdi, a citizen of Yemen, started a hospital in Yemen itself.

Within a short time, disputes started between Nimisha and Talal and Talal snatched Nimisha’s passport. When Nimisha complained about this to the Yemen authority, Talal told that he was Nimisha’s husband. After which the authority clearly said that this is a matter of husband and wife. He has no role in this.

Nimisha murdered Talal

Nimisha allegedly killed the man named Talal Abdo Mehdi by giving him an anesthetic injection. Nimisha did this because Talal Abdo Mehdi had her passport and Nimisha wanted to get the passport back and return to India.

Nimisha disposed of Talal’s body with the help of a person but the case was busted in just 4 days. After which Nimisha was arrested and was sentenced to death.

Nimisha’s mother had asked for permission to go to Yemen

Recently news had come out that the Delhi High Court on Thursday has given a week’s time to the Central Government to decide on the application of a woman who wants to go to Yemen to save her daughter from the death penalty. In fact, the mother of Indian citizen Nimisha Priya, who was sentenced to death for killing a Yemeni citizen in Yemen, had approached the High Court last month and sought permission to travel to the West Asian country to talk to the victim’s family. She wants to negotiate to save her daughter from the death penalty by offering ‘blood money’ to the victim’s family. The petitioner is seeking permission to travel to Yemen despite the travel ban imposed by the government on the entry of Indian citizens into Yemen.

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