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Disgusting act of female teacher, having sexual relations with a minor

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Disgusting act of female teacher

America News: The disgusting act of a female teacher has come to light in America. A female mathematics teacher in Missouri, USA, has been accused of having sexual relations with a minor on school grounds. Not only this, during this time the teacher made other students stand for surveillance, so that no one could come between them. After the incident came to light, the female teacher has been arrested.

According to the information, the disgusting act of the accused female teacher was revealed by the victim student herself. The student also showed scratch marks on his back as proof. According to a report by Independent, a female high school teacher in Missouri, United States, has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a teenager on the school grounds and giving the job of lookout to other students.

Was a mathematics teacher, arrested in Texas

Haley Clifton-Carmack, a math teacher at Lackey High School in Pulaski County, was arrested on Jan. 5 on charges of endangering the life of a child, rape, sexual contact with a student and child molestation, the outlet says . The arrest was made in Texas and his bail amount has been set at $2,500,000.

Scratch marks on the back of the minor victim

The victim herself revealed the disgusting incident of the female teacher. The 16-year-old minor, who was involved in illicit relations with her, allegedly showed photographs of scratches on her back. On which he claimed that the female teacher hit him on the back while having sex. Court records revealed that both the school principal and the superintendent of Lackey School were already aware of the accused teacher.

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