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Elon Musk reached Israel to see the situation of devastation, strong statement about Hamas

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Elon Musk reached Israel.

The war between Israel and Hamas has left millions of people in dire straits. After the terrorist attack and massacre of Hamas, Israel has vowed to completely destroy it. At such a time, Twitter owner Elon Musk also reached out to know the situation of the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas in Israel. Here he met Israeli PM Netanyahu and the President and visited devastated areas like Kibbutz.

It is necessary to eliminate Hamas

After this, Elon Musk also participated in an X Live with Israeli PM Netanyahu. During this, Netanyahu said that if you want security, peace and a better life for Gazans, you will have to destroy Hamas. Netanyahu said that you first have to get rid of toxic regimes as was done in Germany and Japan. Elon Musk also said that there is no other option.

Will help in the reconstruction of Gaza

In talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elon Musk said he would like to help rebuild Gaza after the war with Hamas ends. Musk also watched footage of the attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists in the meeting. Musk said the apparent joy expressed by the killers was wicked and shocking.

ceasefire extended for two days

Israel and Hamas have decided to extend the 4-day ceasefire by 2 more days. Qatar’s Foreign Ministry has announced this. Hamas released 11 new hostages on Monday night as the ceasefire was extended by two days. This release has been made on the fourth day of the ceasefire. In return, Israel has released a total of 33 Palestinian prisoners.

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