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Expressed great confidence in this former Defense Secretary, became advisor of India-America Strategic Forum

Image Source: AP
PM Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden.

Both the countries are continuously taking big steps to deepen the strategic partnership between India and America. The recent two-plus-two talks between India and America in New Delhi is a big proof of this. In this meeting, India and America have decided to take their strategic partnership to the highest point of the century. Meanwhile, India has now appointed its former Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar as an advisor to the board in this partnership. Ajay Kumar has been included as an advisor to the board of the ‘US-India Strategic and Partnership Forum’ (USISPF).

This information has been given in media reports. Kumar was given the overall responsibility of the defense sector as the Defense Secretary of India between August 2019 and October 2022. USISPF President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mukesh Aghi said, “Dr. Kumar has three decades of understanding and expertise in the critical synergy between defense and emerging technologies. Kumar was the longest serving Defense Secretary in the Defense Ministry. He has also served as Secretary in the Department of Defense Production.

Ajay Kumar said this after becoming board advisor

After being made an advisor in the board, Ajay Kumar has vowed to make the strategic partnership of the two countries historic. Aghi said, “At a time when the US and India are strengthening partnerships in the field of ‘ICET’ and ‘INDUS-X’, Dr. Ajay Kumar’s experience and vision have helped in promoting technology cooperation, enhancing defense infrastructure and It has played an important role in strengthening and enhancing the defense and space ecosystem in the country.” In a statement issued by USISPF, Ajay Kumar said, ”The US-India strategic partnership comes at a very important time in the history of our relationship. It is a privilege to be invited to the Advisory Board of Niti Forum. I look forward to the opportunity to work towards furthering these relationships. (Language)

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