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Mount Merapi volcano eruption in Indonesia, 11 climbers killed

Image Source: AP
Mount Merapi volcanic eruption in Indonesia

Indonesia Volcano Eruption News: 11 climbers have died in the eruption of Mount Merapi volcano in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Many climbers are still missing and are being searched. Relief and rescue work is going on war footing. According to the information, relief and rescue team people said that the bodies of three climbers were found near the volcano. Many climbers are still missing.

There were 75 climbers on Mount Merapi.

Abdul Malik, head of the Pedang Search and Rescue Agency, said they found three people alive and 11 bodies. He said that a total of 75 climbers were on Mount Merapi on the day of the incident on Saturday. White and gray ash has spread after the volcanic eruption. Due to this, the climber is missing and the surrounding villages are covered with volcanic ash.

More lava may come out, villages should be evacuated

Media reports suggest that two mountain climbing routes near the site of the volcanic eruption have now been closed. Also, the villages located on the slopes up to 3 kilometers away from the mouth of the volcano have been evacuated as a precautionary measure. There is a possibility of lava coming out of the volcano after the explosion.

Many climbers still missing, search continues

Many climbers are still missing on Mount Merapi, who are being searched. After the volcanic eruption, volcanic ash has spread up to 3000 meters away. The administration has advised people to wear goggles as a precaution so that their eyes can be protected from the volcanic ash. Let us tell you that Mount Merapi volcano has been active since January. However, no damage has been caused so far.

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