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Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned to expel Afghans from their country.

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Afghan refugees.

Pakistan News: Pakistan is leaving no stone unturned to send Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan. Pakistan is expelling these Afghans from their country by calling them illegal. To further accelerate this work, Pakistan has taken another step. Pakistan opened its three borders on 13 November. After this, three more routes used to go out of the country were opened. With this, the total number of exit points for Afghans from Pakistan has increased to 5. This information was given by Acting Provincial Information Minister John Achakzai. Earlier, Afghan citizens were leaving Pakistan by crossing the border from Torkham and Chaman areas.

New borders opened in Balochistan province

According to the acting provincial information minister, three new borders have been opened in south-western Balochistan province. So that Afghan citizens can use these borders to go out of the country and can go out of Pakistan as soon as possible. In recent times, about three lakh Afghan citizens have left Pakistan. It is being told that about 15 thousand Afghans are crossing the border every day.

The deadline to leave Pakistan was till 31st October.

The Pakistan government had set a deadline of October 31 for citizens living illegally to leave the country. Due to this, the government is now taking strict action against illegal citizens and arresting them. Acting Provincial Information Minister Jan Achakzai said that the police have so far arrested more than 15 thousand Afghan citizens who did not have valid documents.

Afghan citizens in trouble

On the other hand, as soon as they cross the border of Pakistan, Afghan citizens face a mountain of difficulties. They don’t even have essential things like food and drink. These Afghans are facing immense difficulties. There is neither light nor any food and drink facilities in the camps built for them on the border.

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