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Protestors angry with the Prime Minister of this country threw petrol bombs on the government building – India TV Hindi

Image Source: Reuters
Protestors in Albania attacked a government building with petrol bombs.

Opposition protesters in Albania created such havoc that everyone was shocked. Protesters angry with the Prime Minister threw a petrol bomb on the government building of Albania, which caused a massive fire in the building. There was chaos among the people present there. Anti-government protesters accused Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama of nepotism and corruption. Opposition protesters attacked Albania’s government building with petrol bombs and stones late on Tuesday, accusing state officials of being involved in organized crime and corruption, after their leader was placed under house arrest.

Thousands of people gathered in front of the government headquarters in the capital Tirana. Riot police officers were called in to stop protesters who had come to lay siege to the office of Prime Minister Edi Rama. The main opposition Democratic Party has accused Ram of nepotism and corruption. However, the PM says that he is inspiring many youth to migrate to Western Europe for a better life. Protesters chose Tuesday to rally to commemorate February 20, 1991, when pro-democracy demonstrators tore down a statue of Albania’s longtime communist dictator Enver Hoxha.

Told the current regime is worse

The protesters said “Today we are here to end Ram’s regime, which is worse than Enver Hoxha’s regime.” Sile Zebeksia said, he traveled more than 100 km to take part in the protests in Tirana. Opposition leader Sali Berisha addressed the protesters via video link despite being under house arrest. Let us tell you that Berisha is being investigated for alleged corruption when he was the Prime Minister between 2005-2013. Berisha, however, has denied wrongdoing and accused Ram of political vendetta to silence his opponents. Whereas Ram also rejects this allegation. Prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file formal charges against Berisha or drop him. “Like the other dictator (Hoxha), Edi Rama has concentrated all power in his hands,” Berisha told the protesting crowd.

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