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Russia-Ukraine War: Jens Stoltenberg gave a big statement, “NATO countries should be prepared for bad news from Ukraine”

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Symbolic photo of Russia-Ukraine war

After 22 months of Russia-Ukraine war, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Chief has created a stir across the world by making a big claim. The chiefs of NATO countries, who till now have been issuing warnings and threats to Russia and dreaming of defeating it, have given a very surprising statement. NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg has said that all countries of the NATO organization should be prepared for bad news from Ukraine. The world is taking this statement of NATO Chief very seriously. This statement of Jens Stoltenberg has come at a time when just a day ago, Russian President Putin has ordered the recruitment of 1 lakh 70 thousand additional soldiers in the army.

After their joining, the number of Russian soldiers will increase to 22 lakh. Putin had blamed NATO countries for forcing him to increase this number of troops. Now Stoltenberg has said in an interview to a foreign channel that we should be prepared for bad news from Ukraine. The NATO Secretary General said that wars develop in stages. Therefore, we must continue to support Ukraine under all circumstances.

NATO failed to meet Ukraine’s growing demands

Stoltenberg acknowledged that NATO has been unable to meet Ukraine’s growing demands. He stressed on NATO countries to increase the production of ammunition and other weapons. The NATO chief refrained from suggesting specific actions for Kiev in view of the current serious situation in Ukraine. He said that I would like to leave this decision to the Ukrainian people and their army commanders in such a difficult situation. Stoltenberg said that one of the issues we should pay attention to at this time is the fragmentation of the European defense industry. Stoltenberg finally said that wars are unpredictable.

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