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The heat of Gaza war reached Europe, police attacked Hamas supporters in Germany

Image Source: AP
German police taking action.

Israel Hamas War: It has been 47 days since the war between Israel and Hamas. The heat of this war has now gone out of the Middle East and has reached Europe. In the European country Germany, a big punishment has been imposed on the supporters of Hamas. According to the information, German police have conducted raids on Hamas supporters across the country. On Thursday, German police conducted raids on members and supporters of the extremist organization Hamas at various places across the country.

Hamas supporters were banned on November 2

The police have taken this action after imposing a formal ban on the activities of the radical organization. The German government imposed a ban on November 2 and disbanded a group called Samidon. The same group was behind the celebrations in Berlin following the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. Germany’s domestic intelligence service estimates that about 450 Hamas members are active in the country. The activities of such members range from expressing sympathy and participating in propaganda activities to financing and raising funds to strengthen the organization abroad.

‘Will not tolerate Hamas attacks against Israel’

German Interior Minister Nancy Feser said, “Our action against extremist Islamists continues. By banning Hamas and Smedon in Germany, we have sent a clear signal that we will not tolerate glorification or support of Hamas’s brutal attacks against Israel.” The government said in a statement that most of the raids took place in Berlin and were meant to enforce sanctions and further investigate. According to the statement, 15 premises were raided in various locations, including Berlin.

4-day ceasefire declared amid war

Let us tell you that a temporary ceasefire has been implemented between Israel and Hamas. After mediation by the US and Qatar, Israel and Hamas agreed to a 4-day temporary ceasefire on Wednesday. However, since the release of the hostages is not possible immediately, various speculations have started regarding the agreement. Under the Israel-Hamas ceasefire agreement, 50 Israeli hostages were to be released. In return, Israel promised the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners. But an Israeli has said that the release of the hostages is not possible before Friday. But now Israel has said that the ceasefire will be extended for the next 1 day if 10 hostages are released every day.

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