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This statement of America regarding India-Pakistan relations came as soon as the new government was formed in Islamabad – India TV Hindi

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White House.

Washington: Pakistan After the formation of the new government, talks have started on the possibilities of improving relations with India. Meanwhile, America has issued a big statement regarding India-Pakistan relations. The US has said it wants to see “meaningful and peaceful relations” between India and Pakistan, but also made it clear that the manner, scope and nature of the talks are for the two neighboring countries to decide. In a way, America has also made it clear that it does not want any kind of interference between the two countries.

Since Shahbaz Sharif became the Prime Minister again in Pakistan, discussions on improving relations with India have started taking place at various levels. US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller made this comment in response to a question asked by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the congratulations given to Pakistan’s newly elected Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif on taking oath of office for the second time. Miller said, “We certainly welcome the Prime Minister’s statement.” America values ​​the India-Pakistan relationship and wants this relationship to be meaningful and peaceful.

America said this

In response to a question, Miller said, “We would welcome meaningful and peaceful talks between India and Pakistan, but the pace, scope and nature of any talks will have to be decided by India and Pakistan.” On Tuesday, congratulated Sharif on taking oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Nearly a month after an inconclusive election marred by allegations of vote-rigging, Sharif took the oath of office on Monday, assuming the reins of the cash-strapped country for the second time. March 7 (language)

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