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Two children were hindering a Chinese woman from having a relationship with her lover, she was thrown from the 15th floor – India TV Hindi

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Beijing: In China, a girl, in order to get the love of her lover, murdered two innocent children of her already married lover. The girl was considering both the children as obstacles in building a relationship with her lover and planning a new family. After this the woman threw both of them down from the 15th floor. The age of the boy was 1 year and the age of the girl was only 2 years. Despite this, the woman and her lover did not feel any pity for these innocent people. Together, both of them had beautiful dreams of taking the family forward by killing innocent people and in this desire they killed children. Now the boyfriend and girlfriend accused of murdering children have been sentenced to death after being found guilty.

After being found guilty of murdering innocent people, Zhang Bo and his girlfriend Ye Chengchens were sentenced to death by the court, after which they were put to death by poisonous injection. The allegation was that Zhang Bo asked the Chengchens to get rid of their two children. She viewed those children as an “obstacle” in their relationship. As part of the planning, this Chinese couple threw both the children out of the window of an apartment building. He died due to this. The couple wanted to start a new family together.

the lover was married

It is alleged that the woman’s lover was already married and had divorced his wife. But his two children were with him. The young woman was seeing these children as an obstacle in setting up her new family. Zhang Bo was convicted in 2020 for throwing her two children out of the window of a high-rise apartment from the 15th floor, while Chengchens was convicted of throwing her two children out of the window of her boyfriend Convicted of forcing children to kill. Zhang Bo had a two-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy. The woman asked him to get rid of them. The New York Post said in a report that Zhang began an affair with Ye Chengchens without telling her that he was married and had two children. He later divorced his then-wife Chen Meilin in February 2020.

Zhang cried a lot after the death of his children.

Many videos have surfaced on Chinese social media, in which Zhang Bo is seen feeling sad for his actions. According to the outlet, she was also seen banging her head on the wall and crying uncontrollably. Zhang told police he was sleeping when the children “fell” and said he woke up to people screaming downstairs. The children’s mother said that she was shocked to hear what happened to the children. “The moment I heard that my children were actually thrown out of the 15th floor by their father and mistress, I couldn’t find any words to describe my feelings,” the post quoted Chen as saying.

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