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Ukraine’s weapons were destroyed while fighting the war, Zelensky reached the door of US with this demand

Image Source: AP
US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

It has been 22 months since the war between Russia and Ukraine. But till now no result has been achieved. While fighting the war here, Ukraine’s weapons have now been exhausted. In such a situation, the morale of Ukrainian soldiers is beginning to break. Despite the delicate circumstances, now European countries have either greatly reduced or stopped giving weapons to Ukraine. In such a situation, the concerns of Ukrainian President Zelensky have increased. Now Ukraine again needs a large number of arms and ammunition to survive the war with Russia. In such a situation, Zelensky has once again reached the doorstep of America. According to a report, one reason for the inability of European countries to help is the reduction in their own arms stockpiles.

Zelensky appealed to the US Congress to approve more aid to defend itself against Russia’s aggression, saying his country was fighting for “its freedom and yours.” After hours of talks on Capitol Hill (Parliament House), Zelensky met with US President Joe Biden and his aides at the White House. After Russian President Vladimir Putin started the war against Ukraine, America has so far provided 111 billion US dollars to Ukraine. Zelensky was on a two-day visit to the US, although it remained unclear whether he would be able to break the political impasse over aid.

War with Russia, the biggest war after the Second World War

“We have been at war for almost two years,” Zelensky said. This is the biggest war since the Second World War, in which we are fighting for our freedom. He said, ‘No matter how hard Putin tries, he has not won yet.’ Earlier during the meeting with Zelensky in the Oval Office, Biden called on Congress to “do the right thing, stand with Ukraine and fight for freedom.” Called to stand up.” Meanwhile, more than 130 senior lawmakers from Europe signed a letter urging US lawmakers to continue their support for Ukraine. (AP)

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