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UN impressed after seeing the power of Digital India, Gill said – India will become “AI” leader in ‘Global South’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India Mission has proved its technology and cutting-edge technology to the whole world. Now is the era of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI. Therefore, there is preparation for a big revolution in the whole world. From America to Britain, the race for AI is running fast. But India has also become the uncrowned king of technology. That is why even the United Nations is forced to accept that India will become the leader of AI in the Global South. The United Nations has acknowledged that India will determine the direction and condition of the use of AI in the Global South.

Amandeep Singh Gill, the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Technology, has said that India is uniquely positioned to decide how to harness artificial intelligence in the ‘Global South’, given its successful large-scale experience in building digital public infrastructure. What role could it play? The term ‘Global South’ is generally used to refer to economically less developed countries. Gill said that India’s experience in dealing with potential risks and challenges will also be beneficial for the world.

India’s experience will be beneficial for the whole world

Gill said that India’s experience will become an example for the whole world. He said, “In view of India’s successful experience as a large developing country in building digital public infrastructure on a large scale by laying the foundation of digital identity, digital payment mechanism and then starting to build data flows, data management platforms, this decision was taken.” Has a unique vantage point to see how AI can work in the ‘Global South’.

India can take the lead in tackling the challenges of developing countries

Gill said India stands out against developing countries by promoting responsible use of AI for development, including financial inclusion, universal access to health and education programs, and building a digital economy with good-paying jobs for the growing youth population. Can “lead” in tackling many challenges. He said India’s stance will be very “important” with its fellow countries in the Global South like Indonesia, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, which do not have the economic advantages like countries like China and the US. Gill, who was India’s ambassador and permanent representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva from 2016-2018, was last year appointed by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as his envoy on technology. (Language)

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