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US President’s first statement on mutual airstrike between Iran and Pakistan, Biden said this – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Joe Biden, President of America.

Pakistan has also responded to Iran’s airstrike with airstrikes. A total of 9 people have died in Pakistan’s airstrike. Although it is being said that not all of them were Iranians. According to Pakistan, the terrorist group that attacked Iran was associated with the Sarmachar group of Pakistani origin. The tension between Iran and Pakistan has increased further after this retaliatory attack. During this time, US President Joe Biden has also issued his stand on the rift in relations between these two. Biden on Thursday said airstrikes by Pakistan and Iran on each other’s territory showed that Tehran was not being “liked” in the increasingly tense region.

“As you can see, Iran is not particularly well-liked in the region,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “We are working to understand how the situation might improve.” But right now This has become a matter of concern. First of all, Iran carried out an airstrike on Pakistan on Tuesday. Pakistan responded to it on Thursday. In return for Iran’s airstrike, Pakistan also carried out a cross-border attack on Thursday. A total of 9 people, including 4 children, were killed in Pakistan’s airstrike. People have been killed. At the same time, Pakistan had said that a total of 2 children were killed in Iran’s airstrike. Pakistan had said that Iran’s airstrike was a violation of its airspace and against international rules and called for revenge. After this Pakistan also attacked Iran. But in the attack by Pakistani army, 9 people were killed. However later they turned out to be Pakistanis.

Pakistan killed non-Iranian citizens

Pakistani officials say those killed in the attack were ‘all non-Iranians’. Seven people were killed in Pakistan’s retaliatory air strike allegedly targeting terrorist hideouts in Iran’s Sistan-o-Baluchistan. The attack came a day after Islamabad expelled the Iranian envoy to the country and recalled its ambassador from Tehran. Iran and Pakistan share a 900 km long porous border that enables terrorists to move freely between the nations. Earlier this week, Iran launched an attack on Tuesday inside the restive Balochistan province, targeting Pakistan-based terrorist group ‘Jaish al-Adl’.

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