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Was there a genocide of Palestinians? This is how Israel defended itself in the International Court on the allegations

Image Source: AP
Israel has defended itself in the United Nations court.

The Hague (Netherlands): Israel, facing allegations of genocide of Palestinians in the fight with Hamas, defended itself in the United Nations Court on Friday. Israel has said that its war in Gaza is being fought to legitimately protect its people. Israel also said that Hamas terrorists are guilty of genocide. Israel described the allegations made by South Africa as hypocritical and said that the case before the International Court reflected the changed world.

‘There can hardly be a more false allegation than this’

Israeli leaders defended their air and ground offensive in Gaza as a legitimate response to Hamas’ October 7 attack. In this attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel, about 1200 people were killed and about 250 were taken hostage. Israeli legal adviser Tal Baker told a packed auditorium at the Hague’s Palace of Peace that the country was fighting a war it did not start and did not want. He said, ‘Under the circumstances, there can hardly be a more false and more malicious charge against Israel than the charge of genocide.’

‘Raped women, men and even children’

A day earlier, South African lawyers had requested the court to issue an order to immediately stop Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip, a coastal area with a population of 2.3 million. “They tortured children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children, burned people alive, including infants, and raped many women, men and children,” Baker said, referring to the October 7 attack. ‘ He said South Africa’s request for an immediate end to the fighting in Gaza is an attempt to prevent Israel from defending itself against that attack.

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