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Why such deaths in America? Preparation to give death sentence by inhaling nitrogen gas – India TV Hindi

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In Alabama, America, preparations are being made to execute the sentence by inhaling nitrogen gas to a death row convict. The first case of using nitrogen gas for execution of death sentence in the state had come to light only a month ago and this process had drawn a lot of criticism for giving death penalty. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office on Wednesday requested the Alabama Supreme Court to set a sentencing date for convicted murderer Allen Eugene Miller.

Guilty of murder of three people

The Attorney General’s Office said Miller would be executed by nitrogen hypoxia. Miller, 59, has been convicted of murdering three people in Birmingham in 1999. The request to fix a date for the punishment is being made at a time when different opinions are being expressed in the state regarding giving death penalty in this manner. In fact, on January 25, for the first time, Kenneth Smith was given death sentence through nitrogen gas and the people present there said that Smith kept getting shocks for several minutes and he was writhing.

Request to stop using nitrogen gas

Attorney General Steve Marshall’s office said the method was appropriate and said the state would use nitrogen gas in future executions. He urged other states to consider the method the day after Smith’s sentencing, but a lawsuit filed by another death row convict has sought to end the use of nitrogen gas. It was said that the people present on the spot said that it was like an experiment conducted on humans and it cannot be considered successful. The petition said, “The results of the first human experiment are now in and they show that nitrogen gas neither results in faster asphyxiation nor is the process painless, but rather is more painful and excruciating.” input language)

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