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Yemen’s Houthis again carried out a massive air attack in the Red Sea, this ship sank in the sea after the attack – India TV Hindi

Image Source: AP
Ship sunk in the Red Sea.

Dubai: Yemen’s Houthis have again targeted a ship in the Red Sea. The Houthis have carried out this attack on the ship through drones. Let us tell you that the ship which was targeted and attacked by Houthi rebels has sunk in the Red Sea. Officials gave this information on Saturday. The ship, which sank after the attack in the sea, had a consignment of fertilizer and previously leaked fuel in its rummage. In such a situation, its sinking could damage the ecosystem in the Red Sea.

Houthi rebels are continuously carrying out attacks targeting ships traveling from Asia and West Asia to Europe, which is already disrupting transportation on this important trade route. Many ships are now avoiding going through this route. The ship was attacked by Houthi rebels on February 18 in the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, a vital waterway connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Yemen’s internationally recognized government and a military official confirmed the sinking of the vessel. The British Army’s ‘United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations Centre’ confirmed the sinking of the ship Rubymar on Saturday afternoon. (AP)

Houthis have already carried out several attacks in the Red Sea

Even before this, Yemen’s Houthis have attacked many ships in the Red Sea. Houthis have had to face retaliation from America and Britain for this. Despite this, the Houthis have not stopped carrying out attacks in the Red Sea. Whereas America has been repeatedly warning the Houthis not to carry out attacks in the Red Sea.

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