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Aap Ki Adalat: How was PM Modi’s first meeting with Pushkar Singh Dhami, know here – India TV Hindi

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Aap Ki Adalat: How was PM Modi’s first meeting with Pushkar Singh Dhami

Your Court: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami appeared in India TV’s popular show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. During this, he faced a sharp question from Rajat Sharma, Editor-in-Chief of India TV. Pushkar Singh Dhami answered these questions one by one very well. During this, he talked about his journey from his early life to becoming the Chief Minister. He also shared some childhood stories and told what he had gone to Lucknow to do. He also told that he wanted to become a soldier in his childhood. But being the only son in the family, he could not join the army, but the discipline of the army is with him.

How was Pushkar Singh Dhami’s first meeting with PM Modi?

During this, he mentioned his first meeting with PM Modi. He said that I got a call for a meeting with PM Modi. I was told that you have to meet PM Modi and a time of 15 minutes has been fixed. When I reached there, a door opened and PM Modi was standing in front. That was the time of Corona period. During this I presented a bouquet to the Prime Minister. After this came the sound of removing the mask. Then PM Modi took off his mask and he and I sat on nearby chairs. During this meeting, PM Modi was speaking less and I was speaking more. During this time, PM Modi inquired about the well-being of my family. At that time I did not even realize that I was sitting with the world’s greatest leader.

Time for meeting PM Modi increased

He said that I had got 15 minutes of time, but I did not realize when those 15 minutes turned into one and a half hours. I understood time management that day. I understood how much he encourages ordinary people like us, despite being so busy, having so much work. Even after one and a half hours had passed in this meeting, he was in no hurry. For all of us it is a matter of learning time management. Referring to PM Modi’s meeting, he said that whenever I meet him. They often ask about Kedarnath Dham. He constantly takes stock of the development works happening in Kedarnath and Uttarakhand.

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