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Hamas terrorist organization becomes stronger again in Gaza, 13 Israeli soldiers killed

Image Source: AP
A scene from the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

Even though the Israeli army has created a ruckus in Gaza in two months and has almost wiped out Hamas, the Hamas terrorists have still not accepted defeat. In the last two days of Israel-Hamas war, Hamas terrorists have killed 13 Israeli soldiers. This once again indicates the strengthening of Hamas terrorists. It is also becoming clear that some country or the other is helping Hamas. Let us tell you that at least 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in the conflict that took place on Friday and Saturday in Gaza Strip. Israel’s army gave this information on Sunday.

It is the highest death toll among Israeli soldiers since Israel began its ground offensive in late October and a sign that Hamas is still fighting despite weeks of fierce fighting. However, rising figures of Israeli military deaths are likely to become a significant factor in Israeli public support for the war. Hamas-led militants launched an attack targeting civilians in southern Israel on October 7, killing 1,200 and taking 240 hostage. The war has devastated parts of the Gaza Strip, killing more than 20,000 Palestinians and displacing about 85 percent of Gaza’s population of 2.3 million.

Israel wants to eliminate Hamas

Israel is still firmly pursuing its stated goals of crushing Hamas’ regime and military capabilities and releasing the remaining 129 prisoners. This support has remained largely stable despite growing international pressure against Israel’s attacks and despite Palestinians being killed and facing unprecedented hardships. The rising number of soldier deaths could weaken that support. The death of soldiers is a sensitive and emotional topic in Israel, a country with a Jewish majority and compulsory military service. Thirteen Israeli soldiers were killed in fighting in central and southern Gaza on Friday and Saturday, a sign of how Hamas is still putting up stiff resistance against advancing Israeli troops, even as Israel claims it has defeated the militant group. Has been given a serious blow. The number of Israeli soldiers killed since the start of the ground offensive has reached 152.

13 year old teenager died in drone attack

The Palestinian Red Crescent said Sunday morning that a 13-year-old boy was shot dead in an Israeli drone strike inside the building of the al-Amal hospital it runs in Khan Yunis. The Palestinian Red Crescent did not provide any further details. The number of casualties has increased on both Israel and Palestine. At the same time, the United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution regarding the prompt supply of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and the release of all hostages, although the resolution does not mention a ceasefire. It was not immediately clear how and when aid distribution would accelerate following the UN resolution. The United Nations said fewer than 100 trucks entered on Friday, down from a daily average of 500 before the war. (AP)

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