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In COP28, PM Modi advocated for the countries of the Global South, said – the demand for help from developed countries on climate change is justified.

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PM Modi in COP-28.

India has again made a strong advocacy for the Global South countries in the ongoing COP-28 international conference on climate change in Dubai. Prime Minister Modi said that India has given great priority to sustainable development and climate change in the G-20. We made One Earth, One Family and One Future the basis of our presidency. Through joint efforts, success has been achieved in reaching consensus on many topics. The role of many countries of the Global South including India has been very minimal in climate change. But the ill effects of climate change are more severe on them. Despite lack of resources, these countries are committed to action on climate change.

Speaking at the international forum, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India has given full priority to climate change even in the G-20. Climate finance and technology are essential to meet the aspirations of the Global South. The PM said that Global South countries expect that developed countries should help them as much as possible to face climate change. This is both natural and justified.

Big climate finance needed by 2030

The Prime Minister said that even during the G-20, it was agreed that several billion dollars of climate finance is required by 2030 for climate action. Climate finance that is easily available, accessible and affordable. I hope that the UAE’s Climate Finance Framework Initiative will provide impetus in this direction. He said India welcomes yesterday’s historic decision to operationalize the Loss and Damage Fund on climate change. This has brought new hopes to COP-28. We hope that the COP conference will also produce concrete results on other topics related to climate finance.

PM Modi said – developed countries should eliminate their carbon footprint

PM Modi said that COP 28 will see real progress on the new Collective Quantified Goals and Climate Finance. There will be no reduction in Green Climate Fund and Adaptation Fund. This will be compensated immediately. Multilateral Development Banks will provide necessary finance for climate action along with development. Developed countries will definitely eliminate their carbon footprint before 2050. I heartily welcome the announcement by the UAE to establish a Climate Investment Fund.

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